Why You Need A Mentor – Real Estate Secrets

Why You Need A Mentor – Real Estate Secrets
house flip mentor

house flip mentor

I decided to jump on the blog today and share some great real estate secrets with you. I am sure you will gain something from this little article! I even give you my Tax Lien Book – 100% FREE. 😉

Real Estate Secrets – Find A Mentor

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to make passive income – which leads most of us at some point to real estate. However, the top investors do not have a gene that automatically tells them how to house flip! Like anything else, they spend time learning through study and hands on hard work!

But make no mistake about it – there are real estate secrets that insiders keep all to themselves.

Many real estate secrets are right out in plain sight. The second secret listed below is a great example – simply make low offers! Some real estate agents and investors will argue this is a bad strategy because low offers just aren’t accepted. But insiders know through experience that low offers do work, it is just finding the right situation. Of course many secrets are not so obvious, like secret number 1:

Finding Your Mentor – Real Estate Secrets #1

They always say “Stay in school.”

To become a good real estate investor, you need to get proper education. The internet has made it possible to find information faster than ever, and there are great learning systems available to the hustler. Check out my Tax Lien Investing Book to see how easy it is to start investing and why a mentor is a great idea to streamline your success!

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This FREE book will help you determine if real estate investing is right for you. Inside the course I reveal all of the real estate secrets you need to know right away, and the simplest paths to making money right away – even without your own money!

Finding yourself a mentor is a suggestion I give everybody that asks me about how to start investing in real estate. The reasoning is simple. You will avoid many costly mistakes that a self-taught beginner undoubtedly will have to endure, many times which can cause a novice to quit just before finding out the lesson!

Relationships go along way in any industry and real estate is no different. The better relationships you have with smart, creative, experienced investors will only yield you more and more opportunities to learn how to pick the most lucrative house flip or rental property grab available.

The next secret is pretty straight forward, but is very powerful as well!

The Most Unhidden Secret Of All Real Estate Secrets – Make Low Offers!real estate low offers

Making low offers may seem like an ordinary piece of advice. But there is this strange human trait – fear of rejection. Many investors will not put in a low offer for fear of offending somebody or being denied. This is simply wrong.

A motivated seller or bank will sell their real estate at a huge discount – making you plenty of cash!

Here are to tips:

1. Find sellers likely to accept a low offer. Find pre-forclosures, or “for sale by owner” properties. (Hint: Internet and Networking)

2. Make smart offers. Be creative, especially on “for sale by owner” real estate and always do your research.

Start by identifying motivated sellers. These are sellers that NEED to sell because of a hardship of some kind; tax lien, foreclosure, marital status, etc. Find these types of people and you will find good deals, but make no mistake, it takes work to find the people willing to sell their real estate at a large discount.

So go out there and hustle! Find yourself a mentor. A mentor can show you a proven real estate investing system to follow and hold your hand while you are doing deals to make sure you get off to a great start.

The only reason I have been successful in real estate investing is because I have had a mentor guide me in my real estate investing journey.

To Your Success – MA

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